Collection: Pop-Pop's Wood Shop

Pop-Pops Wood Shop is a collection of random wood creations brought to life by Grandpa Perry. Pop-pop has always had a passion for creation and working with his hands, and with him being disabled and retired he has turned to woodworking to stay busy, active, and out of trouble. The things he creates are made from new and reclaimed wood, and with the skill, tools and a very abundant amount of bad words comes one of a kind handmade items that were created with precision and care. The items in this collection will be very limited runs of projects due to Pop-pop creating things that pop into his mind and think would be fun to make. He is open to custom orders, and those custom requests can be made by contacting us as per usual, turn around time will vary depending on the order of course.

***Due to the nature of wood and the fact that its handmade looks, size and color may vary slightly***